A downloadable game for Windows

Sorry to anyone on Linux or Mac, I don't have a way to build for you guys!!!

This is my submission to GBJAM 5! I made everything but the fonts. It's made in Unity, in case you didn't notice the splash screen that plays because I'm too cheap to buy the PRO version.

For anyone wondering how I got Unity to upscale stuff, just render the main camera to a texture of whatever base resolution you want, and apply it to a quad with an Unlit shader where another camera can just sit on that quad.

Now to the Fun Stuff; Controls:

A, Left Arrow, or Left stick to the right on a Gamepad -- Move Left.

D, Right Arrow or Left Stick to the left on a Gamepad-- Move Right

X, Left Click, or A on a Gamepad -- Fire/Select

Have fun with my game guys!

UPDATE: Now you can quit by pressing the 'Escape' Key! (Can't believe I forgot that)

StatusOn hold
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, GBJam
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller

Install instructions

Just Download the Zip, Extract, And Run the EXE!


Space Invaders GB.zip 10 MB


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Nice game. The enemies were much smarter compared the original space invader, moving down without needing to touch the bound wall :D.

Btw, some sound effect when get shot and killing alien would be nice.

Also to make the high score have more variation, you should also calculate the remaining lives and how fast the game was finished (since it will be the same score after killing all aliens) .